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Ex-NeoGAF members band together to create new forum, ResetEra


A community of former NeoGAF members have worked together to launch a replacement gaming forum, ResetEra.

Among the ranks of its admins are many former NeoGAF posters, including industry insiders and well-known faces such as Shinobi, Nibel, ZhugeEX and Emily Rogers.

The board is designed as a fresh new home for gaming discussion, set up by those who quit NeoGAF after the events of last weekend.

A week ago, a claim of sexual misconduct against NeoGAF owner Tyler "Evilore" Malka was made public. It caused an explosion of anger directed towards Malka, who then angered NeoGAF mods and users by failing to address the situation for several days.

As NeoGAF mods quit and the site descended into anarchy, the whole forum disappeared offline. When it returned, there were new rules for anonymous moderation. Malka finally made a statement denying the sexual misconduct claim. Regardless, the past few days have seen a torrent of users quit the site, and post deliberately seeking a permanent ban.

In the background, ex-GAF mods and longtime posters were using Discord to plan the launch of ResetEra. Forum software was found, the site was named and set up, and here we are, seven days later.

NeoGAF remains online, of course, and its forums look like they have settled down to some degree. But, comparing the sites side-by-side, there's at least as much activity now on ResetEra as on NeoGAF itself - and it feels like it'll be a long time before the events of the past week will be forgotten.

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