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Ex-BioWare writer joins Mass Effect-style indie RPG

Kickstarter hopeful Ambrov X based on Sime-Gen novel series.

Dragon Age and Knights of the Old Republic scribe Jennifer Hepler has signed on as lead writer for Kickstarter hopeful Ambrov X.

But Hepler's involvement is not guaranteed - her inclusion will only be unlocked if the project reaches its $750,000 stretch goal.

Indie developer Loreful launched its campaign for Ambrov X two days ago and has since raised $26,041 of its initial $500,000 (£320k) target.

The game will be a relationship-focused sci-fi role-player set in the universe of author Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime-Gen novel series, an epic sci-fi saga that began in 1969. 12 novels and a number of short stories have been published since, the latest in 2011.

"Re-emerging on Twitter to promote my new project, Ambrov X, on Kickstarter," Hepler wrote last night. "If you like story-driven SF with romance and twisted, co-dependent relationships (and who doesn't?), this is for you."

Hepler left BioWare last month after years of service at the company to write a book and pursue freelance work.

But her departure also followed a campaign of abuse from BioWare fans for her work on Dragon Age 2 - and for comments made years earlier about wishing to skip combat sections in games.

Early alpha gameplay footage of Ambrov X is available to view in the Kickstarter campaign video below.

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