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Ex-Battlefield devs announce open-world space sim Into the Stars

Mass Effect composer Jack Wall is doing the soundtrack.

Former devs on Battlefield, Shadows of the Damned and Lost Planet have launched a Kickstarter for an open-world space survival sim entitled Into the Stars.

Nothing says 'space epic' like a score from Jack Wall.

In development for PC and Mac, Into the Stars will be scored by Mass Effect composer Jack Wall.

Into the Stars' premise bears more than a passing resemblance to Battlestar Galactica in which the remnants of humanity are all aboard a single colossal vessel from which they must search for a new home. You'll be in charge of selecting a crew, building a ship, scavenging resources, and negotiating with all manner of extra terrestrials - some friendly, some not.

Four-person developer Fugitive Games has likened Into the Stars as a modern successor to The Oregon Trail with elements of FTL and Out There mixed in.

Your perspective can be switched from a cinematic third-person view, from which you can guide your vessel through the cosmos, to a view of the bridge that lets you monitor your resources, along with the status for your ship and crew. Speaking of which, your crewmates have permadeath, so they're far from expendable.

Pledges of $15 or more will grant players access to Into the Stars upon its estimated July 2015 release. According to its Steam Greenlight page, the final game will retail somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-$25.

Into the Stars has raised $11,242 towards its $85K goal with 29 days left before its 4th February deadline.

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