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Evolve dev is making two "immersive VR experiences" for Gear VR

One is spooky, the other serene.

Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios is making two Gear VR "immersive VR experiences", the developer announced today.

The developer carefully never used the word "game" here and the descriptions of each title explain that they're both set in relatively stationary settings where events happen around you.

One such title is a horror affair called Face Your Fears. Due on Halloween, Face Your Fears focuses around two hair-raising scenarios. One of these, Skyscraper, places players on the ledge of a tall building that they must scale while a malicious robot climbs up towards them. The other scenario, Haunting, puts players in the role of a child in their bedroom where spooky things start happening.

Turtle Rock's second title, Other Worlds, is a more meditative experience placing players in three painted worlds where random occurrences happen as you look around. "Meditate, listen to music or audiobooks while sitting in your own corner of the universe," the developer said of this title, also due this month.

"It's such an awesome, immersive experience. There is so much potential and so much to learn," said Turtle Rock co-founder and design director Chris Ashton. "Working with Oculus has been amazing for everyone on the team. VR leverages a lot of what we've learned while making AAA games for PC and console but the possibilities here feel endless. We're breaking new ground and that's something that has always spoken to the soul of TRS."