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Even Sonic's creator isn't happy with the character's leaked live-action design

"Is this a Sonic movie?"

Another day, another Sonic the Hedgehog movie leak: and although this one isn't quite as horrifying as that one with Sonic's hairy (but decidedly thicc) legs, this time we've finally been given a look at Sonic's full design. Stay tuned for some truly disturbing images.

Thanks to an apparent leak by entertainment branding agency Hamagami/Carroll Inc, another set of haunting Sonic pictures have been unleashed on the internet. The page where these first appeared has been removed, but not before thousands of people saved it onto their phones. Here's a look:

Is this fur real?
Mischievous but not malicious.

Right, so there's definitely some strange things going on with Sonic's design. His signature wide eyes have been replaced by some teeny tiny peepers, his torso has been lengthened, and those dense calves are still there. I don't even know what to make of the groin area. Put some pants on, sheesh.

Naturally, the internet thought it could do a better job, and so a number of people have been tweaking the images in photoshop to fix Sonic. Apparently it really doesn't take much.

But it's not just Sonic fans who are displeased with the leaked design: Sonic's original creator, Yuji Naka, also seems upset and confused with the images.

"Is this a Sonic movie?" he asked in one tweet, before adding "I feel that it is important to look at the whole body visual of Sonic and head body and stomach. Did you not get a little more balance?" (via Microsoft translate).

Unlike the legs leak, these images haven't yet been confirmed, but they're certainly in keeping with past official artwork and branding.

While these leaks are already giving us more than we bargained for, we'll have to wait until the film trailer emerges to see him in action. With a release date of 8th November, it surely won't be too much longer. Will it actually be good, but in a sort of terrible way? I'm hedging my bets.