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Even DC blokes have fatalities - Boon

In new Mortal Kombat. Well, "brutalities".

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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe jolly well will have fatalities, series co-creator Ed Boon has reiterated, and even the licensed good guys on the DC side will have equivalents.

"All of the MK characters and all of the DC villains will have fatalities. The DC heroes who don't kill that often will have brutalities that will function just like fatalities but don't actually kill the opponent," Boon told GameSpot this week.

Apparently Midway and Boon's teaser at the publisher's Gamers Day in April simply gave people the wrong impression. "I was surprised to see so many stories stating (with so much certainty) that the game wasn't going to have fatalities. As if we made an official announcement," he said.

"We were also surprised by how much speculation and assumptions people made about the game after seeing practically zero gameplay," he added. Well, you know Ed, it was either that or try and sound enthusiastic about The Wheelman.

Asked what we'll be able to see at E3 next month, Boon responded: "We will be showing four characters and two arenas." We'll be there so hopefully we'll get to see more of the finishing move system. The game is now in full production, apparently.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is due out on PS3 and 360 this autumn.

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