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Eurogamer wins awards

Pats self on back.

All of games journalism went up London last night for the first ever Games Media Awards, where Eurogamer picked up three trophies.

The site won the awards for best news and best reviews and features. Eurogamer editor Kristan Reed went on stage to collect them, despite Ellie offering to make national headlines by "doing a Judy".

Eurogamer KING HERO Tom Bramwell was crowned best online journalist. He collected his award gracefully, despite the fact Ellie spilled beer all over his trousers 20 minutes previously and an over-excited Pat knocked him back into his chair when he tried to stand up.

The award for best non-commercial website went to UK: Resistance, while best games podcast was won by GameSpot.

In the print category, Games TM picked up best multi-format magazine and best overall games magazine. Official PlayStation, Official Xbox and Official Nintendo magazines won best PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo magazine.

Kieron Gillen received the award for best writer on a specialist magazine. Gary Penn, who worked on the classic Zzap! 64 and helped to launch The One, Amiga Power and PC Format, won the games media legend award.

In the mainstream media category, Eurogamer TV's Johnny Minkley picked up a trophy for his Radio One broadcasts. Best writer on a mainstream website went to the BBC's Darren Waters, while The Guardian's Steve Boxer won best newspaper journalist and FHM's Simon Munk picked up best lifestyle magazine writer. The award for best regional games column was won by Ewan Ross of the Liverpool Echo.