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Eurogamer Expo Indie Games Arcade line-up announced

DRM, Proteus, Where is My Heart?, Sokobond and many others playable.

Phew! Unless something goes horribly wrong oh god what if it all goes wrong why would I even say that then in less than a week we'll all be wandering happily through this year's Eurogamer Expo, sampling all the treats the games industry has to offer.

With that in mind, we're very happy to reveal that the 16 independent PC titles making up this year's Indie Games Arcade have now been announced, and there are some fantastically clever and imaginative ideas in there for you to root through.

There's Rezzed favourite BaraBariBall, for example, a frantic two-player sports game about dunking a ball into the sea; Ed Key and David Kanaga's haunting Proteus; Circuiton World Design's fabulous co-op platformer Tower of the Gorillion; and Die Gut Fabrik's lovely PS3 title Where is My Heart? I particularly like the look of Sokobond, a puzzle game about moving molecules around to create elements on the period table.

The Indie Games Arcade is curated by friend-of-Eurogamer David Hayward, some jerk called Tom Bramwell, and the boys from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and we're pleased to say that it will be an open and breezy place (a lot like the one at Rezzed) after feedback from last year's show suggested it could do with more room to breathe.

We're also going to have some iOS titles lurking around, so watch out for those, but in the meantime here's the full list of PC titles we'll be showcasing:

  • A Bastard (George Buckenham)
  • BaraBariBall (Noah Sasso)
  • Dirac (Orihaus)
  • Don't Starve (Klei Entertainment)
  • DRM: Death Ray Manta (Rob Fearon)
  • Gear Up (Doctor Entertainment)
  • IsoChronous (team-iso)
  • Kairo (Locked Door Puzzle)
  • Last Knight (David Hagemann)
  • Proteus (Ed Key/David Kanaga)
  • Sentinel (Matthew Brown)
  • Sokobond (Alan Hazelden/Harry Lee)
  • The Button Affair (Oliver Clarke)
  • Tower of the Gorillion (Circuiton World Design)
  • Where is My Heart? (Die Gut Fabrik)
  • Zineth (Arcane Kids)

Come along and you can meet the developers, too, many of whom will be lurking nearby. Make sure to tell them what you think of the games - they live for it.