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Eurogamer España launches

Why not pop by and say hola?

The folks at Eurogamer Network, yes us, have announced the launch of Eurogamer España. You can pay it a visit right now over at

Once again we've teamed up with some local experts for the launch - in this case, tip-top Spanish blog Our new best friend is a man called Xavi Robles Sàrries, who had this to say: "It’s a great pleasure for us to become part of the Eurogamer Network, and we feel now is the perfect time to expand the brand to Spain."

Ultimate bossman Rupert Loman added, "We’ve once again found a fantastic group to work with, and we’re delighted to be able to launch a site in this key gaming market. We look forward to building a fantastic community in Spain together with Xavi, Josep, Albert and their team.”

Eurogamer España is the third website we've launched this year. We've also got sites in Germany, France, Benelux and Portugal, and our office parties are like meetings of the United Nations. If only six nations were invited.

More than 2.6 million people visited our websites last month, so thanks for that. Hope to see at least half of you at next month's Eurogamer Expo, taking place on 28th - 29th October at the Old Truman Brewery Brick Lane London only a fiver all proceeds to charity 15 publishers 60 games and counting oh go on.

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