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Eurogamer community members running 24-hour race for charity

UPDATE: Today's the day - we thought we'd relay the information.

Five Eurogamer forumites are running a 24-hour relay race for video games charity SpecialEffect.

AccidentProne, ReGuRgIt8oR, Rhythm, SaucyGeoff and Zomoniac are taking part in this year's Adidas Thunder Run, a gruelling event where teams run laps of a 10km cross country course non-stop for an entire day.

The race takes place from 12 noon on 26th July (UPDATE: that's today!) until 12 noon on the 27th. At least one member of the team has to be present on the course at all times.

None of the team members have met before - they only know each other through Eurogamer's forum - but are banding together to run approximately five laps - 50km - each for a very good cause.

SpecialEffect provides games and equipment for people with disabilities so that they too can enjoy and be included in the world of games.

"Hopefully together we can prove that some good can come from gaming, that gaming and other healthy activities can co-exist, and that not all gamers are couch potatoes," ReGuRgIt8oR (aka "Gurgy") told us.

You can watch the team's journey to today via their Twitter, and the team are collecting donations via JustGiving. Best of luck guys.