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Euro Vid Marketplace restricted

Only in four countries.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The European Live Video Marketplace will only be available in UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

Those were the emboldened words splayed across the back of packaging for a recently bought Microsoft Points Card, keenly spotted and scanned by Joystiq.

However, Microsoft refused to comment on these territorial restrictions, possibly because of regional licensing issues for films and telly shows or maybe they're just scared.

Its appearance on packaging also suggests we may see the video on demand service before the end of the year, although MS has reportedly already revealed it will not be a part of the Autumn Live update next Tuesday.

The same packaging - making a name for itself now - also points out that you will be able to download "great movies", but fails to mention anything about shows from telly.

Video Marketplace has been available in the US since last November, and pumps out films alongside shows like Star Trek and CSI, which in the Miami version features a ginger man with a great voice.

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