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Euro HD-DVD price cut iffy

US gets new deal.

Microsoft has remained traditionally tight-lipped about the possibility of a European Xbox 360 HD-DVD player price cut.

It follows earlier news that the platform holder had used some small business scissors to snip 20 bucks off the asking price in the US, taking it to USD 179.

"We currently have no announcements to make at this stage regarding a price cut of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive for the UK," a spokesperson for Microsoft told Eurogamer.

Those of you taking advantage of the new deal in America will also be treated to five free HD-DVDs picked from a selection of 15. The price-cut starts on 1st August and runs indefinitely, but the HD-DVD offer runs out at the end of September.

Microsoft was also rather pleased with its format for securing the HD-DVD versions of action film 300 and popular telly series Heroes.

"With the price reduction to USD 179, the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player continues to be the most affordable way to enjoy high definition," said Jeff Bell, holder of the longest job title at Microsoft.

The other way is Blu-ray, of course - that secret feature inherent to every PlayStation 3 made.

The HD-DVD player for Xbox 360 will cost you about GBP 110-130 in the UK.