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Enter the Gungeon's "bullet hell dungeon climber" spin-off out now on Switch and PC

Arrives in much-enhanced 2.0 guise.

Exit the Gungeon, developer Dodge Roll's previously Apple Arcade exclusive Enter the Gungeon spin-off, is now available on Switch and Steam.

Described as a "bullet hell dungeon climber", Exit the Gungeon delivers a side-on, ever-upward take on Enter the Gungeon's critically acclaimed top-down dungeoneering formula, and the game arrives on Switch and PC in a much-enhanced 2.0 guise.

This "substantial overhaul", as Dodge Roll terms it, introduces a significantly redesigned Gungeon, bringing larger, more varied rooms and "updated and devious" elevators.

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It also features "dozens" of new and upgraded weapons, new items such as the Spiked Boots, new enemies - including the Minecart Shotgun Kin, Bullet Cardinal, and Flying Fungun - redesigned mini-games, new character-specific hats, new NPC interactions and quests, rebalanced gameplay, increased difficulty, an enhanced combo system, and more - all of which should bring Exit the Gungeon playtimes closer to those of its illustrious predecessor.

Exit the Gungeon costs £7.19 on Steam and can be purchased through Nintendo's eShop on Switch (where it's a timed console exclusive) for £8.99. Dodge Roll notes that the original Apple Arcade release will also receive the big 2.0 revisions.

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