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Elite IV in this generation?

Pops up on a Braben slide.

Reports from this week's GameCity festival suggested that Frontier's David Braben had talked about - gosh gosh gosh - Elite IV!

Surprised to discover this, we got in touch with' Matt Martin, who is up there at the moment covering events, and who has already reported on Braben's speech at the festival, to find out what happened.

Well, said Matt, in comments so profane and unpublishable that you'd think he didn't like us and which we're forced to paraphrase, he didn't mention Elite IV directly, but a slide shown had a list of current projects, one of which was "Elite IV, PC, PS3, Xbox 360".

So, Braben reckons it is still happening, and will be out in this generation - along with recently released Thrillville: Off The Rails and The Outsider, details on both of which you can catch up with in our recent David Braben interview, of all things.

As for Elite IV, Wikipedia does a fine job of cataloguing various sightings and comments on its status, although seems happy to lead on the commonly held belief that it had slipped into the realms of vapourware.

Judging by Braben's slides, it might not be. Excited?

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