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Eidos has Nervous Brickdown

DS puzzler due this summer.

Eidos has unveiled Nervous Brickdown - a new puzzle game for Nintendo DS built around "classic bat-and-ball gameplay".

Due out this summer according to French developer Arkedo Studios, Nervous Brickdown uses both DS screens, the stylus, microphone and wireless multiplayer to serve its purposes, which amount to 135 levels' worth of bat-and-ball games taking place in "retro-game worlds" including old-school shoot-'em-ups and crazy golf settings.

Along the way you'll encounter levels where you have to draw your own bat, save people from drowning and blow away ghosts, and there are end-of-level bosses to deal with too.

There shouldn't be too long to go until the game's out, and if the description's piqued your interest then why not flick through our huge Nervous Brickdown screenshot gallery to garner a few more clues about what's going on? That's what we'd do.