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Eurogamer TV Show episode 2

Resistance, PES6, Xbox's fifth birthday, EGTV's top five Xbox games.

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Video killed the radio star. OR DID IT?

Kind of. The second Eurogamer TV Show contains the first of our PS3 video reports, including plenty of gameplay footage from Insomniac's highly promising alternate reality shooter Resistance: Fall of Man, as well as a lengthy and exclusive interview with the American developer's CEO, Ted Price.

Also up is the annual Pro Evolution media cup, this time including honest-to-goodness real-life footballers holding Xbox 360 pads in Arsenal's whopping new London stadium. You'll also find some excellent anti-Gunners "humour" from United-loving Minkley. It's the way he tells them.

Finally there's a retrospective from Eurogamer staff of the Xbox, in celebration of the console and brand turning five years old this month. We go through some anecdotes of a period that's never been less than a rollercoaster for everyone in the games industry, including tales from the crypt of the legendary J Allard, his attempts to kill Peter Molyneux, the X0 events, the influence of Microsoft's involvement in the console market and more.

And just to round off, EGTV editor Johnny Minkley pins his legs to the fence (or something) and puts up his top five Xbox games of all time. Contentious stuff.

Head over to Eurogamer TV and take a look for yourself.

Next time Johnny and the team are going to be focussed squarely at the PS3 and Wii launches, so expect heaps of direct-feed footage and info on the issues surrounding Sony and Nintendo's next-gen gambits.


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