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EG Expo 2011 Indie Arcade line-up

Final 12 titles revealed!

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Eurogamer is pleased to announce this year's final selection of Indie Games Arcade titles.

Eurogamer Expo's Indie Games Arcade, presented by Sega, once again features a diverse offering of independently developed PC games.

Over a hundred submissions have been narrowed to a final list of 12, which thousands of gamers will get their hands on in just a few weeks.

The final 12 titles are:

  • At a Distance - Terry Cavanagh
  • Blocks That Matter - Swing Swing Submarine
  • Fotonica - Santa Ragione
  • Molecat Twist - iwait4 Developers
  • Pineapple Smash Crew - Red Produkt
  • Really Big Sky - Boss Baddie
  • Rimelands: Hammer of Thor - Dicework Games
  • Smuggle Truck - Owlchemy Labs
  • Stellar Impact - Tindalos Interactive
  • These Robotic Hearts of Mine - Alan Hazeldean
  • Waves - Squid In A Box
  • Xenonauts - Chris England

"Getting such a lot of submissions down to the final 12 was an immensely difficult job", said David Hayward, curator of the Indie Games Arcade.

"There are such a lot of indie developers around now that if we had the resources, we could easily make a much bigger line up. As it is, I'm really pleased with the list we eventually settled on. They're all ace games by ace people."

All 12 games will be playable on the show floor, showcased alongside some of this year's biggest titles.

Got your ticket yet? Thursday, Friday and Sunday entry is still available - visit for all the details.

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