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Editor's blog: Easter content update

Binge on words.

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As everyone knows, this weekend is Easter. More importantly, it's two bank holidays in the UK either side of the weekend - so on Friday and Monday there won't be any news updates.

Unless, that is, something amazing happens, like Richard Branson buys Microsoft with Nintendo Points, or someone invents a mechanism for rewinding time and making perfectly reasonable football players remember how to pass the sodding ball to one another competently for longer than 15 minutes - and even then only if said device has a newsworthy gaming application.

However, the site will not be barren, because we have some interesting bits and pieces spread over Friday, Saturday and Monday for you to read in between working out whether to prioritise Creme Egg or Quality Street during Eastenders.

There are several DS games to read about, including at least two interesting ones, and we will also have our latest instalment in this year's run of Retro Sundays, returning to an old standard many of you have missed, hopefully with various mildly blasphemous jokes in the introduction.

And then it will be back to normal on Tuesday, with some thumping big reviews and hopefully a hands-on preview of a game that could take up one side of one of the bigger battles for your money in June.

Also, don't forget that today is International Venga Boys Day, and celebrate accordingly. The Venga Bus is literally coming.

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