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Editor's blog: another bank holiday?

Seems so. We did features anyway.

It seems improbable, but calendars don't lie. There's yet another bank holiday next Monday, meaning there will be a temporary lull in news updates on Eurogamer.

However, as usual, we'll have a steady stream of features for you to enjoy over the long weekend. Saturday and Sunday will serve up their usual portions of opinion and retrospection. On Monday, we've got a review or two, and an interesting developer interview that follows up one of this week's big previews.

"Normal" service is resumed on Tuesday as we gird ourselves for the onslaught of E3 the following week, and the videogame industry spends a few days indulging in fevered speculation, looking at websites with countdown timers on them, and wondering where it put its passport.

Note to self: check the bedside table. Note to readers: enjoy the weekend!