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EastEnder to star as Bond in next game

From Walford with love, etc.

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Bad news, Daniel Craig fans - you won't find his voice or likeness in the next Activision James Bond game.

EastEnders actor Adam Croasdell, who plays doctor Al Jenkins in the soap (whatever happened to Dr Legg?), will take on the role instead.

"Oddly enough I have just played James Bond in the new James Bond videogame," he told BBC Asian Network. "How weird is that? I don't know what the future holds, but I'm always into varying up what comes my way, trying new things."

According to Croasdell videogames are quite literally the future, sort of. "I think videogames and the making of that type of technology, being in a funny one-piece suit and being shot with 60 cameras, I think that's sort of the future," he said.

"Andy Serkis did it in The Hobbit, and there's a new film Avatar which is James Cameron - it's all that sort of motion capture. I think it's the future."

The future will begin next year when the new Bond title hits shop shelves. Rumours that Alan "Karl Kennedy" Fletcher is also set to take the lead role in the next Jason Bourne game are sadly completely made up.

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