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EA teases "very exciting" new FPS

Continues to chase Acti's shooter crown.

EA will release a "very exciting" as-yet unannounced FPS before the end of 2011, according to CEO John Riccitiello.

The EA boss made the announcement while answering a question from an investor regarding the future of the Medal of Honor franchise during an earnings call today.

"The intention for us is to have strong FPS entries each year," he explained.

"I don't want to give away the thunder from our call but for quite a long time now I've been saying it's our long term goal to take back the first person shooter category leadership.

"We've made strong progress in calendar '10 over calendar '09. This year, with the tail-end of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 still doing well and Medal of Honor still doing well... with Crysis and Bulletstorm we're clearly going to make more progress towards our goal and that's before we get to what I think is going to be a very exciting entry later in the year that we're not yet announcing."

Of course, he could be referring to Battlefield 3, widely expected to launch this year – though that was officially announced in August last year and has been talked-up by Riccitiello since.

Failing that, we're left with either a second bite of the cherry from the new look Medal of Honor series or a brand new franchise. Place your bets.