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EA reveals Monopoly Streets

"3D world" game due in autumn.

Electronic Arts has announced Monopoly Streets, a new take on the 75 year-old board game franchise due for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 in the autumn.

The announcement makes the game sound more like a land-grab-style strategy game than a board game, with a focus on property development and player-owned headquarters that grow and shrink with in-game success. Players will be reportedly be able to view the game's "dynamic, living, 3D world" from "the street level".

EA also teased features like online play, downloadable content and the ability to control Miis on the Wii and Xbox Live Avatars. Streets will reportedly include a playable version of the traditional Monopoly board game, "for purists" as the release puts it.

Speaking of the original Monopoly, the release mentions a basic version of the classic board will be coming to the Nintendo DS alongside the release of Streets.