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EA doing US-only Brain Quest DS

Based on educational card game.

Electronic Arts is producing a pair of US-only DS games for different age groups based on the Brain Quest educational card game.

The reason you have no idea what that means is that you're not an American child: apparently the kids over there have bought up more than 28 million copies.

EA likes money, so the union makes sense, and will be consummated with one DS game for third and fourth graders and one for those in the fifth and sixth. We'd consult Saved By The Bell for a translation table but don't care enough.

Both games are due out in September and will feature "over 6,000 unique questions" apiece.

According to EA, they will include Brain Mode, where you face fast-paced quiz games in subjects like English, history, maths, science and geography, and Quest Mode, where you have a "light story" and progressively more difficult challenges.

There's also multiplayer that can be played co-operatively or more likely in competition with your young friends. Assuming you're a young person. Otherwise, you're nicked.

Plus, inevitably, there's "Sudoku for Kids", with 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9 puzzles.

Kids will also be able to score points to unlock collectibles, which can be used to "customise up to six scenes in the game".

There's currently no word on a European release, although we contacted EA for comment. (Update, 11.28am: And have since been told that Brain Quest is a "North American only title".)

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