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EA doing Pogo DS compilation

Five games, out in March.

EA is readying a DS compilation of its favourite casual games for release on 26th March in Americaland.

And by "favourite" of course, we mean the five most popular on Pogo.com, the casual game site EA bought in 2001, which currently enjoys an average of 2.6 million users per day.

The five games in question are called Word Whomp, Poppit!, Philinx, Tri-Peaks Solitaire and Squelchies, and they will each be skinned to a "playful island theme" to help make up POGO Island.

Word Whomp has the player "whomp adorable gophers" to spell words; Poppit! is about popping groups of balloons; Phlinx has you creating groups of coloured stones; Solitaire is a card game, dorko; and Squelchies is about matching, er, squelchies to release them from the board.

"Millions of people have been captivated by these simple, yet addictive casual games. We're so excited to finally bring the online experience to players on the go," said Kevin Chorney, producer of Pogo Island.

"Whether you are playing with the kids on a road trip or just killing time while waiting in line, Pogo Island takes your mind off work, stress and the craziness of everyday life. Now, people young and old can enjoy some brain-busting fun wherever they are, whenever they want."

Etc. etc. We'll let you know if it bounces over the Atlantic any time soon.