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EA developing mystery MMO

Job listing outs new Redwood project.

EA's Redwood Shores HQ is working on an as yet unannounced MMO title, according to a new job listing.

A recruitment call that recently popped up on Gamasutra states that the publisher is looking for an MMO Web Architect to work on the title.

No further details are explicitly offered as to what the game might be but judging by the accompanying blurb it seems EA is setting its sights high.

"Let's be clear. We're not looking for just anybody. We're looking for a web ninja that is well-versed in all web technologies and has extensive experience scaling server-side systems.

"If web technologies were made up on 5 key building blocks (components, data tier, business tier, presentation, integration), you would be Voltron – Defender of the Web Universe.

"What we have in store is a challenge for you," the post continued. "It will be huge. It will be monumental and the technical challenges from the size, volume, and touch points will be awesome.

"You'll love it and be eager to get to work each day. You'll get to try out new technologies, build things on the cloud and work on systems that touch the boundaries of both the game systems and web services layers."

EA's Redwood Shores currently house a number of internal studios including The Sims team and Dead Space developer Visceral Games.

The EA MMO that we do know about – the BioWare-developed Star Wars: The Old Republic – is due for launch in the second half of the year.