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EA confirms Theme Park DS

Handheld rollercoasters for 2007.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA's Tokyo development studio is working on a DS version of Theme Park, the publisher has confirmed.

The latest incarnation of the popular fairground simulation will, as ever, allow you to create your dream-park and fill it with stomach-churning rides, tacky shops, and 'Butlins' sideshows. It's a familiar description of an old franchise, but EA believes the DS can bring a new, intuitive approach to the series via the touch-screen interface.

"Theme Park is one of EA's long standing properties, and we are excited to breathe new life into the series by bringing it to the NDS platform for the first time ever," said Stan Chow, general manager of EA Japan. "Taking advantage of the unique controls in the NDS, we are able to create an easy-to-pick-up game that will have the depth to satisfy fans of the series, and also be accessible to lighter and new gamers with its user-friendly controls."

The game is due for release in spring 2007. Meanwhile you can peruse the latest screenshots in the game's gallery.

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