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EA announces NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

Plus, full NBA sim due in Autumn 2012.

An updated take on last year's NBA Jam reboot is being readied for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, publisher EA has announced.

Due out in October, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition adds a number of new features including tweaked AI that claims to learn your play patterns and react accordingly, as used in the Fight Night series.

There will also be a new online competition called JAM Arena, an online co-op campaign called Road Trip, new unlockable characters and the return of Tag Mode and Team Fire.

"We're taking everything fans loved about the original and adding a host of new features," promised producer Trey Smith. "We've listened to all of the feedback from our fans and we are driven to deliver the very best NBA Jam experience to date."

EA's fresh take on Midway's 1993 arcade classic initially launched on Wii in October last year, winning a 7/10 from Eurogamer's Chris Schilling. Online-enabled PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ports followed soon thereafter.

EA also confirmed that its next traditional NBA sim will launch in Autumn 2012, following the high profile cancellation of NBA Elite 11 last year.

"As planned, our next NBA simulation title is in development at our Tiburon Studio in Orlando," said EA Sports boss Peter Moore.

"We have top talent on the game, and we're giving the new development team time to deliver a superior experience. We're making great strides and looking forward to launching a new game next year."