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EA allows SecuROM de-authorisation

Free up installation on new machines.

EA has released a de-authorisation tool for its controversial SecuROM digital rights management system.

SecuROM-protected games only allow installation on up to five PCs. Although this is not being changed, the new tool allows you to de-authorise particular machines on the list, thus freeing up "slots" for new installations on other computers.

In fact, de-authorisation needs to be done with game-specific tools, but EA has also made a de-authorisation management tool available. This will show all EA PC games released after May 2008 that are installed on your machine, and tell you how many computer authorisations you have available for each.

De-authorisation doesn't uninstall the game, so it can be re-activated later if you have a free slot just by running it.

Affected games include Spore, Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise, Dead Space and Red Alert 3.