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E3: Wii Fit announced

Work off those love handles.

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Nintendo is hoping to turn all you couch potato gamers into fitness freaks soon, with the debut showing of forthcoming title Wii Fit.

Shown off today to a packed audience at its E3 press conference in Los Angeles, the 'game', if you can call it that, features four genres of activities - aerobics, muscle conditioning, yoga poses, and balance games.

In all, Nintendo confirmed there will be over 40 activities in Wii Fit, and Nintendo boasted that the title "takes our big leads in audience expansion and effectively laps the competition."

The game will ship with what Nintendo calls the 'Wii Balance Board'. Looking like "some sort of step," according to our man on the scene, the wireless peripheral will be able to measure weight, how your balance shifts as you're standing on it, and will be "a new interface for games that accepts full-body movement as input."

In terms of the kind of exercises you'll be doing, we saw people swinging their legs back and forward, press-ups, head-to-head football heading sessions, step aerobics, stretches, hula hoops and many more.

Although a confirmed release date remained elusive, we're expecting this one to ship in 2008. We hope to delight you with a proper hands-on with Wii Fit during the course of the show - and hopefully some filmed evidence...

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