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E3: PS3 will win, says SCEE boss

Looking good by end of March.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has told our sister site,, that PlayStation 3 will be the clear leader in the next-gen console battle within nine months.

"PlayStation 3, you will see, will be far and away the winner when you look at it by March '08. They really, really will," he predicted.

"It's something that is going to be a slow burner, and suddenly it's like a tsunami; it will just overtake you."

Reeves said he does not agree that Xbox 360 will dominate during the competitive Christmas season, despite recent comments to the contrary from Microsoft's Peter Moore.

"I know it's nice to focus on one year, but he said the same last year - 'We're going to win the holiday season.' But they didn't; they missed that opportunity," stated Reeves.

"I honestly don't think that just having the games on Xbox 360 is enough."

His comments came following the announcement that SCEE is introducing a new PS3 bundle which will retail for the same price as the standalone console did previously.

When asked if he thought GBP 425 / GBP 599 was still a high price to ask consumers to pay Reeves replied, "It is, but surprisingly, people are paying that amount of money for it. Now they'll get two games and an extra controller as well."

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