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E3: MS hints at Euro Elite price

Comparable to US relationship.

Microsoft has said that the European price relationship between Xbox 360 Elite and Premium will be similar to the relationship between the two SKUs in North America.

"If you compare it to the price difference between Xbox 360 Elite and Premium in the US, you wouldn't be far off," UK marketing head Steve McGill told Eurogamer.

In North America, Xbox 360 Premium costs USD 399 while the Elite retails for USD 479. In the UK, Premium currently sells for GBP 279.

An announcement can be expected in the run-up to the Elite's launch on 24th August, and was only held back from Microsoft's E3 2007 press briefing because of the need for territories to make their preparations.

Xbox 360 Elite features a 120GB hard disk, HDMI video output and a unique black casing that sets it apart from the Xbox 360 Premium.

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