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Dying Light developer teases fantasy RPG

Story-focused, with an "exotic open world".

Dead Island and Dying Light developer Techland has issued a small tease for its upcoming "exotic" open-world fantasy role-playing game.

Writing on Twitter today, Techland described the project as a "narrative-driven fantasy epic with an exotic open world ready to be explored".

Artwork shows a human holding onto the branches of an enormous tree, overlooking a fantasy landscape and a sky filled with a ripped-apart moon. A few creatures are also shown - what looks like parrots and a lemur.

Techland has been busy with its popular Dying Light franchise.Watch on YouTube

"We strive to create a compelling story-focused AAA title that combines and refines the best aspects of gameplay that Techland is known for," the studio continued. Huh - I wonder which those might be?

If the project sounds familiar, then well done you - it has been mentioned before, but not for a number of years.

Back in 2016, Techland confirmed it was making an open-world fantasy title with RPG elements "maybe in a slightly bigger sense than Dying Light," the studio's boss Paweł Marchewka told Eurogamer at the time. "[But] it's RPG elements rather than RPG game."

At the time, Techland said it planned for the project to feature co-op multiplayer and single-player.

We've heard little more of the project since - though of course, Techland has been kept busy updating the extremely popular Dying Light, as well as launching its sequel.

There's no word just yet on when Techland's project will materialise - or even be discussed in more detail.

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