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Duty Calls has 1.25 million downloads

Bulletstorm's Call of Duty spoof is popular.

Lampooning Call of Duty works - more than 1.25 million people have downloaded Duty Calls, a free parody game created by Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly.

Duty Calls, barefaced in its attack on Call of Duty, sends up everything from enemies that drone "ow" and "boring" when they're shot to enthusiastic rank-ups showered on the player that soon run out of control, resulting in the title "Sergeant of the Master Sergeant Most Important Person to the Max".

The idea is to provide a stark contrast to what Bulletstorm offers: completely over-the-top action based around high scores - not war criminals with eye-patches and nuclear weapons.

The Duty Calls game can be grabbed from the official website.

Bulletstorm arrives this month. It's "a shower of nutty weapons and a squirming bundle of single-entendres", wrote Christian Donlan for Eurogamer - "It's a frat-boy piñata loaded with sex toys and cheap fireworks."

Duty Calls.