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DSiWare to get Katamari, Mr Driller

Due out next week in Japan.

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Nintendo will be adding adaptations of Katamari Damacy and Mr. Driller to the Japanese DSiWare service soon.

That's according to Famitsu (read by Offworld), which also claims a WiiWare version of Mr. Driller will appear soon.

The Wii game will be called Mr. Driller World, be completely new and have 24 stages to chisel through. The DS version, catchily dubbed SekuttohamureruHoriHoriAction, will have 17 levels. Both will be out across Japan next week.

Katamari Damacy for DSiWare, meanwhile, will be a block-based affair and appear sometime in March.

Nintendo recently said the DSi will be released here on 3rd April, presumably with DSiWare store to match. The redesigned handheld, which features bigger screens, a built-in camera, on-board memory and memory card slot, will cost GBP 149.99.

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