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DS to get Master of the Monster Lair

Sounds like Dungeon Keeper to us.

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Atlus is working on a DS game that sounds an awful lot like PC classic Dungeon Keeper.

It's called Master of the Monster Lair, and the idea is to build your dungeon to attract monsters. However, your end goal is to trap and hunt them, rather than feed them up and amass an army.

You fill the boots of a young man living in a kingdom rife with fear, as monsters rampage around the land at will and probably eat people. Your heroic path is laid before you after a chance encounter with one of those talking shovels. Plus you have spiky hair.

This is all wrapped up in an isometric view, wherein you predictably mine earth and rocks, and replace them with a variety of rooms to lure in your prey. You can have chapels and cellars and stables and trash dumps and plenty more.

When the monsters do decide to show up with all their sparkly treasure, you can hot-foot it over and battle them in a turn-based mode.

Atlus is also making it possible to hop online using Wi-Fi and share your dungeons with your friends.

Master of the Monster Lair is due out in the US on 2nd December. There's no word on a European launch, but you can always import if it takes your fancy.

Pop over to the official Master of the Monster Lair website for the first trailer.

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