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Driver on its way to Wii?

ESRB website reckons so.

America's Electronic Software Rating Board has craftily included a listing on its website for Wii and PC versions of Driver: Parallel Lines.

There's been no previous indication that new versions of the game were in development, and Ubisoft is yet to comment on the issue. The original releases of Driver: Parallel Lines were published by Atari.

The game, launched early last year for PS2 and Xbox, was a GTA-like mission-based driving affair that followed character TK from the 1970s, into prison, then to his release in 2006. It only received middle-of-the-road reviews, but was decidedly better than the disastrous Driv3r.

The signs for a port are encouraging: Ubisoft titles FarCry: Vengeance and Splinter Cell: Double Agent have already both appeared on Wii.

Unfortunately neither seem to have been handled particularly well, as Rob Fahey found out recently with FarCry.