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Dreamcast classic ChuChu Rocket is getting an Apple Arcade sequel

Looks a blast.

20 years on from the Dreamcast's launch, one of the platform's most iconic games - no not Skies of Arcadia - is getting a sequel. It's ChuChu Rocket!

Named as ChuChu Rocket Universe, the action puzzler follow-up will launch for Apple Arcade, the iPhone and iPad subscription service detailed in full last night for games with no ads or in-app purchases.

The visuals may now be 3D but the gameplay should be familiar - use arrows to direct ChuChus to their rocket while avoiding the evil KapuKapus.

Multiplayer will also be included. As in the original, you'll be aiming to get more ChuChu home than your opponents. It "will still make you want to destroy everything in your room and block your friends for life", Sega's press release notes.

Sega's cult classic puzzler has been re-released on other platforms over the years but this, Sega says, is the first proper sequel. It's being developed here in the UK by Leamington Spa studio HARDlight.