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Dragon Ball asymmetrical multiplayer game announced

Dead by Goku.

A new asymmetrical Dragon Ball multiplayer action game has been announced.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers takes its cue from Dead by Daylight with its Raider versus Survivors gameplay, set in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse universe.

It's due out in 2022 across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. A beta test on PC will be available soon.

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Gameplay will see seven survivors - regular civilians stuck in a "Temporal Seam" - cooperating to push back the Raider and escape using the "Super Time Machine".

As well as running with fear, cowering, and shape shifting, survivors will be able to use various items around the battlefield to aid their escape.

"We can't wait for people to try this complete new take on the Dragon Ball franchise!", said Ryosuke Hara, the game's producer.

"We are working hard with the team at Dimps to provide brand new fun asymmetric multiplayer experience that we want to be accessible for all, while offering a strong wealth and depth of gameplay and situations. We are looking forward to welcoming you during the Closed Beta Test."

In addition, the game will link to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, though details are unknown.

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