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Dragon Age franchise has "console future"

BioWare suggests Origins may stay on PC.

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has said he sees a "console future" for the Dragon Age "franchise".

"PC for now is what we're focusing on, but there is a console future for the franchise," Zeschuk told MTV Multiplayer, echoing - and slightly clarifying - what he said during an EA press conference at E3.

"We haven't really talked about what that's going to be, but one thing we're focused on. As folks probably have seen in regards to Mass Effect on the PC, whenever we do a platform choice, we're very definitive and very specific. We don't splash it across all the platforms."

Dragon Age: Origins, unveiled proper at E3 last month, met with rather underwhelming receptions.

The game, Zeschuk maintains, returns to BioWare's roots where sitting back and reflecting on the action is preferred to cinematic immersion akin to Mass Effect.

We're told, once again, Origins will be "brutal", "harsh", "gritty" and "realistic", yet in our first impressions the overall impression was "generic".

Zeschuk is also confident the game will be out in early 2009, despite relatively little actually being known about the game - a deliberate decision on BioWare's part.

"Typically we show our games many, many times at E3 over and over again. And we're not [this time]. We showed it once a while back and went dark on it purposely to get the technology and the game going. It's not that far off. It's very exciting," said Zeschuk.

We hope so.

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