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DR2 save unlock for Off the Record

Start with Chuck Greene's jacket.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If you have a Dead Rising 2 save file you'll unlock a free virtual goodie for use in upcoming spin-off Off the Record.

You'll begin the game with Chuck Greene's jacket, Siliconera reports.

It is unknown whether the jacket offers any statistic bonus for Off the Record star Frank West.

Off the Record, from Capcom Vancouver, re-imagines the game from Frank West's perspective and packages it in a budget price wrapping.

Its Theme Park area is bigger than any in Dead Rising 2. The game features new weapons, new combo weapons and new bosses.

"There's a ton of added value here," executive producer Jason Leigh told Eurogamer last month.

"We have the new environment, weapons, combo weapons, new clothing, food items, vehicles, new bosses and the new story.

"It's a much bigger game than Dead Rising 2 was.”

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