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Double Fine announces superhero management sim Middle Manager of Justice

Defends free-to-play business model.

Iron Brigade and Brütal Legend developer Double Fine has announced its first mobile game - free-to-play superhero management sim Middle Manager of Justice.

The iOS title will see you whipping a squad of trainee superheroes into shape.

But, while Middle Manager of Justice is a free-to-play game, creator Kee Chi promised the title would avoid "predatory" in-app purchases.

"We've been VERY careful about any sort of predatory iOS IAP practices. You can play through Middle Manager without paying anything!" Chi explained on the official Double Fine forums.

"There are absolutely no paywalls. All that purchasing currency does is allow you to experience the content quicker and have stronger heroes earlier, but you can experience all the game at whichever pace you want!"

The title is currently in Apple's submission process and will first launch in Canada, before a subsequent worldwide roll-out.

Versions for other platforms may then follow.

"This is our first mobile game and we want to focus on one platform for the launch," Chi continued, addressing fans clamouring for an Android version. "But we definitely want the game on as many platforms as possible!"

Middle Manager of Justice lets you build a base to house your team, which can then be upgraded with new facilities and equipment. From there you can send your heroes into battle around the city, fighting criminals and supervillains.

There are several neighbourhoods to conquer, each with its own narrative.

Visually, it looks like Theme Hospital mixed with the Incredibles.

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