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Don't Nod's new game is Jusant, a sci-fi climbing adventure

And it's due out this year.

One of the most promising micro-trends at this years' summer showcases is everyone discovering that climbing is rad, and climbing videogames are double rad because if you fall you don't die. Anyway, continuing this theme, Life is Strange developer Don't Nod's new Jusant looks absolutely stellar.

It's a sci-fi climbing game, by the looks of it, in which a young hero climbs endless mountain walls with a funny little creature for company. There looks to be puzzling, interaction with mountain communities, a range of surfaces to climb on, and a sprinkling of futuristic stuff. And at one point you ride a mushroom.

Jusant trailer.Watch on YouTube

The sense of place - and the lighting, cor - is just wonderful. And the game's due out in 2023. Cannot wait for this one.

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