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Dokuro dated and priced for PSN this month

Acclaimed Vita-exclusive puzzle/platformer finally makes it to Europe.

Vita-exclusive gothic puzzle/platformer Dokuro is set for a 30th January release on EU PSN where it will cost €14.99, publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has announced.

Dokuro is about a skeletal minion who decides to help a kidnapped princess escape his overlord's castle. It starts out rather rudimentary with lots of block pushing and switch pulling, but gets quite complex as new mechanics like Okami-esque magic chalk is introduced that lets you draw in missing pieces of the scenery or transfer flames from candelabras to explosive barrels. You also gain the ability to turn into a human soldier for brief periods, allowing you to better slay baddies and pick up the princess.

The game has been out since October in North America where it was fairly well-received. I've played a decent amount of it and while it never set my world on fire, I quite enjoyed the few hours I played of it. Dokuro is a disarmingly long game, too, with approximately 150 levels. To put this in perspective, I've probably put about five hours into it and haven't reached half of that and the stages are only getting harder.

See it in action in the trailer below.

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