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DKC2 on Euro Virtual Console

Up early in some countries.

Nintendo is releasing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES) and Mario & Yoshi (NES) on Virtual Console this week, and gamers in some European territories can already download them.

Normally we have to wait until Friday to do that, but the games have been sighted in the wild in some places, although they're currently not on the UK Virtual Console pages. "There are various public holidays across Europe today and tomorrow and that's why some have gone up early," Nintendo told us.

Diddy's Kong Quest is the 1995 follow-up to one of Nintendo's biggest Western success stories: Donkey Kong Country. The Rare-developed series was lauded for its impressively-rendered graphics, and wasn't a bad platformer to boot. The second game shifted the focus from Donkey Kong to his little pal Diddy and Diddy's girlfriend Dixie, whose ponytail was good for smacking enemies and grabbing onto things. On the VC it costs 800 Wii points.

Expect a more thorough explanation in tomorrow's Virtual Console Roundup, when we'll also be looking at puzzle game Mario & Yoshi, which will set you back 500 points.