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Disney wants "Seal Team 6" trademark

Application filed day after Bin Laden raid.

Disney has applied for a trademark on "Seal Team 6" - the name of the US military team responsible for taking down Osama Bin Laden earlier this month.

According to Forbes, Disney put in an application with the US Patent and Trademark office on 3rd May – the day after the Abbottabad raid on the Al Qaeda figurehead's hideout.

The trademark, if granted, would cover a range of products, including entertainment and education services, clothing, toys and games.

Although there's no suggestion at this point that it's planning a video game take on the raid, Disney might like to take heed of what happened to Konami when it recently attempted to base a game on a contemporary conflict event.

Mass media indignation followed the announcement of its planned FPS set during the bloody battle for the Iraqi town of Fallujah in 2004, leading to the project being canned.