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Disney doing game about a super-dog

Called Bolt, who's also in a film.

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Disney is making a game about Bolt, who is a super-dog with laser beam eyes and a sonic boom bark.

He, along with owner Penny who is sneaky and hacks things, will have to travel to places like Russia and Italy while taking care of waves of baddies and uncovering evil plots.

Sounds rather fetching until you realise this is a movie tie-in for every platform but PSP. And not because we really wanted it on PSP.

You see, Bolt is also a film about a dog that stars in a telly show where he has super powers. But he gets accidentally shipped off to New York and has to embark on an adventure to get back to Hollywood, with only delusions of superpowers to accompany him. John Travolta does his voice.

Disney has Avalanche Software - not to be confused with Just Cause team Avalanche Studios - making the game, and plans to offer it alongside the film early next year.

IMDB reckons the big-screen version will be out on 13th February, 2009.

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