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Discord testing premium memberships for channel subscriptions


Discord is testing a premium membership option which will allow server owners to monetise their communities further and sell access to exclusive channels.

Previously, Discord users have been able to grant channel access to users, or groups of users, but not for payment within Discord itself. Typically, payment services such as Paypal, or groups of users signed up to a Patreon, will be cross-referenced instead.

Now, Discord is working to bring paid channel functionality into its popular chat client (thanks, Engadget), with server owners able to set pricing tiers and access levels.

As for how much these should cost, Discord has some suggestions. A minimum fee for a premium channel is recommended as $3 per month, with $100 per month as the maximum.

While gating access to channel content might seem a exclusionary measure, Discord's aim seems to be to allow servers to gain easier financial support from members - while keeping the payment within its ecosystem. Discord itself will take a 10 percent cut of subscriptions.

The feature is currently in testing now, before it is rolled out more widely.

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