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Discord is "gradually" rolling out PlayStation Network integration from today

US first, other countries to follow.

Sony's previously announced partnership with Discord has finally reached fruition, and PlayStation users can start linking their PSN accounts with the chat platform from today.

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan formally announced Discord integration for PlayStation Network last May, saying the companies were aiming to bring "the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year". At the time, it wasn't entirely clear how far that integration might actually go, but now, in a new post on the Discord website, all has been revealed.

From today, PlayStation owners in the US will have the option to link to their PSN account from within Discord - via the 'User Settings > Connections' menu on desktop, mobile, or the web - which will then display whichever PlayStation 4 or PS5 game they happen to be playing in their profile for other Discord users to see.

PSN accounts can be linked from within Discord's User Settings menu.

Additionally, PlayStation users can opt to display their PSN IDs directly on their Discord profiles. This, the company says, is "especially great for knowing if your friend is currently playing a game that supports cross-play on another platform."

Discord is rolling out the new feature "gradually" and only to users in the US at first. For those elsewhere in the world, PSN ID integration will be heading to additional countries "soon".

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