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Discord expanding monetisation options with Media Channels

For exclusive memes and wallpapers.

Discord is expanding its server subscription options with new ways to monetise.

Subscriptions have been available since December, allowing creators to monetise perks and benefits for their communities. More options are now on the way.

"Today, we're excited to share new tools that help you get started earning money faster," said product manager Derek Yang in a new blog post. "Over the next few months, you'll be able to create more value for your existing Server Subscriptions and utilise entirely new ways to earn money on Discord with one-time purchases."

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First up is a beta for Media Channels. This will roll out immediately to all community servers with subscriptions enabled.

Media Channels will allow creators to offer paid extras like extra content, bonus pictures, and "the cherry on top": exclusive memes and wallpapers.

This certainly brings Discord in-line with other paid platforms like Patreon.

It's encouraging creators to keep content behind a paywall, including subscriber-only streams. It's also introducing Tier Templates, for creators to set for their server.

Further offerings are on the way, including allowing server owners to sell digital products as downloadables with a one-time purchase. Examples given include recipe e-books, gaming guides, or digital wallpapers.

There's no mention of NFTs, something CEO Jason Citron dismissed back in 2021.

Discord is also testing a store as a home for server owners to sell subscriptions, downloadables, and premium roles.

The platform currently takes a 10 percent cut of server subscriptions, but it's unclear if this will change with other content.

The changes may well be good news for creators looking to use the platform to generate revenue. However, they could also gatekeep and fester insular communities without proper moderation, turning Discord away from being an inclusive platform for gamers to chat online.

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