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Disappointed by the Watch Dogs delay? Then check out W▲tch Dogs

Sequel $leeping Dogz confirmed.

For many, this is the most exciting week in gaming in ages with Sony and Microsoft launching the PS4 and Xbox One respectively. For others, this is a sad time as Ubisoft's highly anticipated open-world cyberpunk adventure Watch Dogs - a potential system seller for many - has missed its launch deadline and won't be out until spring 2014.

My high score is 45,376. Don't ask me how I got it.

In honour of Ubisoft's delay, indie developer CNIAngel has created the browser-based curio W▲tch Dogs, a game about watching dogs. No, really. That's seemingly all there is to it as a cavalcade of increasingly surreal pooches grace your monitor, often with extra heads or tails or bodies made up of peculiar geometric shapes. According to the developer's instructions, there are "two secret commands for kennel owners to help kill and/or grow their kennel."

Additionally, CNIAngel confirmed $leeping Dogz on Twitter earlier today, which the developer noted "is the sequel to my award-winning game W▲tch Dogs."

For more animal-watching action, feel free to check out John D. Moore's Watch Ducks, which is equally nonsensical. (Thanks, Freeindiegames.)